Welcome to KrishnaMarathe.com!

I have always said,

I am ALSO a musician

That’s because I knew that I was something more. Call it being purely adventurous or plain reckless, the truth is that I have lived it my way. There was a time that many of you might not be aware of when I was a janitor at McDonald’s in Bandra, Mumbai. Then I was a corporate trainer, a copywriter, a failed entrepreneur, a monk, ascetic, bhajan singer, music producer, atheist. Well the list is long and so is the variety of my experiences! And now at the ripe age of 40 I can confidently say that I am grateful to myself (as Snoop Dogg would say!) that I have given my best shot at all of those things that I’ve done in my life!

But do you know the one common thread that has run through all of my four decades?

You might say ‘music’ and that would be correct. And obvious. The other constant of mine was ‘learning’. I have been insatiably curious about life and its many many choices. And I have made the choice to walk on the path less treaded on, more than once (Thanks Mark Twain).

Well so here I am. Me. An result of my choices.

On this site you will find all of my different skills and interests under one roof.

You can find here my mental health podcast Mind Over Chatter . The ‘Mind’ has been one of my most favourite subjects. Thinking about thoughts is my pastime. The links to my most popular bhajans and music are HERE.

I am going to start teaching online courses on the subject of ‘Law of Attraction’ right here on this site. If that’s something you’d be interested in, do drop in a line to me HERE. I am fairly active on social media and so you could get in touch with me there as well!

Mrs. Chhaya Jariwala

Thank you so much! You have a great voice it’s my daily routine to hear you in the morning when I walk

Chhaya Jariwala

Mr. Yogi Mehra

God Bless… You are very gifted

Yogi Mehra

Mr. T Bhatia

I have never heard bhajans like this! You are a true artist!

T Bhatia

Mr. M. Maheshwari

Hi Krishna…had come for the condolence meeting at the Tejpal Podar Hall in Malad….heard you singing….brought back all the memories of the condolence meeting we had for my mother in the Nehru Jade Hall in October last year…I don’t know if I thanked you but your voice and the calm you brought us all that day was incredible…thank you…🙏

M. Maheshwari

Wedding Gig

Thank you Krishna for the wonderful performance. Everyone loved it!

J. Delivala

Wedding Client